Young Living Essential Oils are some of the most powerful healing substances we have available to us today.   They have been recognized world-wide to be the highest grade and quality available in the world today. Breathing essential plant oils allows your mind and spirit to heal and brings transformation on all levels.
The Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture is a collection of high vibration essential oils highly recommended for meditation and spiritual healing.
Clarity has an aroma that invites a sense of clarity and alertness, making it a wonderful choice to diffuse when writing your resolutions.

How to use it:
Diffuse in the morning during sacred time or meditation, using this time and the grounding aroma to open up your sense of intuition and allow your day’s plans to become shaped by your dreams for the future.
Use Clarity’s relaxing aroma in a massage or reflexology treatment. Add 10–15 drops to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for use during the session.
Apply to your temples, wrists, or neck when you’re seeking an aroma that inspires a sense of clarity and perceptiveness throughout the day.
Build Your Dream has a scent that inspires feelings of empowerment to help you find the way to achieve your dreams. It lends itself perfectly to use while pondering and developing the goals you’d like to accomplish for 2016.

How to use it:
When formulating your resolutions, diffuse Build Your Dream to create an atmosphere of peace, awareness, and confidence.
Inhale directly from the bottle or add an AromaGlide™ roller fitment and carry it with you to apply topically when seeking an aroma that promotes a sense of confidence and clarity.
Add a drop to Young Living’s ART® Light Moisturizer to support beautiful, glowing, youthful-looking skin and to enjoy an aroma that inspires self-confidence throughout the day.
Envision contains scents that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the inner strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

How to use it:
Dilute with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and massage into your hands or feet in the evening or morning to enjoy an aroma that inspires creativity.
Apply 2 drops on your wrists or temples in the morning before you start your day.
Add to warm bath water with Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base before bed to set the tone for the night.
When diffused, Motivation has an aroma that may promote feelings of action and accomplishment.

How to use it:
Inhale directly or add an AromaGlide roller fitment and apply to the temples, ears, back of neck, or wrists for an extra aromatic boost at your desk.
Add a few drops to a cotton ball and put it in the vents in your car while you travel to work.
Highest Potential harnesses the uplifting and inspiring power of Blue Cypress and other pure essential oil scents for an ideal aromatic experience while going about your day.

How to use it:
Put 2–4 drops on the edge of your ears or on your wrists, neck, or temples for an inspiring fragrance.
Add 2–4 drops to warm bath water for a grounding, calming, and empowering aromatic experience.
The aroma of our Magnify Your Purpose essential oil blend may invite feelings of creativity, desire, and motivation, encouraging you to seize initiative.

How to use it:
Put a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together, cup hands over your mouth and nose, and inhale.
Add 10–15 drops to Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base and use in your morning shower to help start your day.
Here are some other essential oil blends highly recommended for spiritual attunement, mental clarity and healing on all levels: