Ariel_new_bodyshot_largeAriel Lange is a speaker, author and mentor.  She has taught healing, meditation and movement for more than 30 years. During this time she has had the good fortune to be a student of some of the best teachers on the planet.
As a Certified Medical Aromatherapist, Ariel has witnessed firsthand the phenomenal healing abilities of medical-grade essential oils. When used together with meditation and movement, amazing shifts happen in your life.  Her newest book and CD are best sellers on Amazon.
Ms. Lange is a passionate speaker and has taught movement, meditation and aromatherapy for numerous organizations, colleges and universities over the years.
Ariel is an engaging speaker, showing people simple solution-oriented ways to help the environment and themselves. She loves empowering both youth and adults to be the ambassadors of our future, giving them the vision of a clean, healthy planet that they can pass on to future generations.
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May you be filled with manifold blessings and spiritual peace in the midst of this ever- changing and challenging world. Remember, peace is who you really are.