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is a Naturopathic Healer and Certified Medical Aromatherapist. She is the author of the book “Aromatherapy Oils for Meditation,” the CD “Aroma Meditations for Beginners,” and the DVD “Recharge Your Life with Aromatherapy.” She has been speaking and leading workshops around the world for over 30 years.
Ariel Lange loves speaking for audiences all over the world. Contact us for her travel schedule to arrange a talk for your group or center.
Living a Healthy and Chemical-Free Life
Be inspired with images and activities that show you simple ways you can make a big difference in the health of our environment.  See how our environment affects our health, and BE IN THE KNOW about the best solutions.
  • Learn how you can eliminate toxic products from your life and contribute to a clean, healthy world for us all!
  • Learn simple solutions to keep your family healthy.
  • Experiential activities show you how fun and easy it is to do!
Aroma Meditation: Secrets of the Ancients
Imagine watching a beautiful presentation that transports you to ancient times when aromatherapy and meditation were used to bring people closer to God and to heal their bodies and spirits.

  • Experience guided meditations with the same essential oils that were used in ancient times in cultures around the world.
  • Find out why people around the world have used essential oils for emotional and spiritual healing for thousands of years.
  • Try for yourself easy techniques to free you from stress and anxiety with powerful meditations with aromatherapy oils.

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“Your talk was so animated and inspiring! I love how you involved and engaged the entire audience. More, more, more! We want you back again!” -Sharon Caren

“I loved your focus on solutions. I learned a ton! It changed my perspective on life.” - Gina Brollier